Top 5 Antivirus to use in 2021

Cyber security is as important as any other security issue. With most of the work being computerised in the 21st century, threats of hacking and viruses ruining the database of an individual, a company or even on national level is an eminent issue today.

Antivirus softwares saves you from data theft, malware, spyware and ransomware etc which can cause data loss, privacy loss and more prominently monetary losses. There are various antivirus programs and softwares available in the market which deal with different levels of protection, various types of viruses and malwares and devices for monthly or yearly deals and protection plans.

The best antiviruses to use in 2021 are discussed in the article.

1. McAfee Total protection

The McAfee is the best overall antivirus which provides protection for 10 devices. The packages start from $69.99 for a 2-year plan. The software provides easy protection for multiple devices including iOS and android. The software provides a good fire wall, efficient malware detection and secure web browsing on a good pricing. It is better used on Windows systems but works well for other systems too. Its 2-year subscription is even better given its high affordability at $19.99 a year for its basic program.

2. Bitfender

This software also provides a very well received overall virus protection for your devices. The Bitfender antivirus is an ideal choice for less technically experienced people for its easy usage. The antivirus includes ransomware detection, password manager, updates and deals efficiently with the cybersecurity threats for multiple devices and systems. Bitfender can be used for free for its basic antivirus services but can also be upgraded for advanced threat protection, multi-layer ransomware protection and vulnerability assessment etc. in addition to a VPN service. The subscription starts at $26 for a year.

3. Norton

The Norton antivirus which is an efficient security suit for multiple systems. The software is easy to use and provides basic and advanced protection services with a powerful scanning engine. Real-time malware protection, password manager, a secure cloud storage of 10 GBs and a VPN access. The advanced version of the antivirus includes an amazing 50 GB cloud storage in addition to providing parental controls.

4. Webroot

Webroot is the best choice of antivirus for Mac computers. The antivirus specifically works for the Mac systems providing one of the best solutions for cyber security. It provides an incredible phishing detection, protects from opening malicious sites on the web by highlighting them and a very fast scanning system. The software also provides security for mobile devices in addition to offering backup storage. The antivirus starts at $29.99 for a year with a 14-day free trial for use on one device.

5. Avira

This antivirus software provides one of the most comprehensive and efficient engines. Avira comes with a speedy processing, malware protection, privacy and system optimization,VPN, password manager and apps for Android and iOS systems. The antivirus is designed to boost the speed of the device and stops background processes which slow down the computer for its smooth running. The pricing starts at $82.82 per year and offers a free trial.